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coconut water





EVISSI Pure Coconut Water, its origin is in the heart of Thailand, where young green coconuts grow naturally to be picked before being fully ripe. We have the best selection of coconuts, because we only select the best, which are harvested according to traditional methods that have been passed down from generation to generation.


A pure drink that’s taking care of your body and mind with all the coconut water’s benefits. Naturally rehydrates and restores well being. It’s a natural, fat free health drink, packed with life-giving nutrients.


Quality is our main ingredient!



green coconuts





Our coconut water comes from plantations in pristine regions of Thailand, where young green coconuts grow naturally and organically without pesticides or synthetic fertilizers in a select area bathed by two of the biggest rivers in Thailand. These coconuts are so unique in the world due to their particular fragrance, freshness and sweetness. 100% natural, and they have never been genetically modified (GMO) and has no additives or preservatives that alter its properties.


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The coconuts are harvested whilst young to ensure a refreshing pure taste. The combination of abundant water, fertile soil that’s rich in essential minerals, and year-round sun makes this area a unique place and gives our coconuts that special and genuine flavor.


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Trucks and boats transport the coconuts a short distance to our certified facilities where the coconut is fully utilized. We guarantee that our coconuts meet established levels of quality and safety. In all its processes we follow sustainability criteria, therefor respecting the safety, health and well being of our workers and the environment. All our products are manufactured directly by ourselves. From the farm to the finished products, we monitor everything – no out sourcing, no agents and no middlemen(!).
Everything is under our purview and control thus ensuring the best outcomes always. We treat our coconuts with love.







The coconut water is then filtered through an aseptic tank and flash pasteurized, killing micro-organisms and other bacterial fungous. The quality control is carefully maintained by EVISSI to ensure we are 100% natural with no added sugar, no preservatives and additives and never from concentrate. The quality guaranty of our processes is endorsed by good manufacturing practices, thereby assuring that the planting, harvesting and processing of our young green coconuts is uniform, specialized and controlled according to quality standards. Our cans are used to protect the freshness of our product and enable a 24 months shelf life.





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